Disposable Thermometer Strips

The disposable thermometer strip is a temperature indicator that utilises liquid crystal technology. These thermometer strips offer a cost-effective solution for accurately measuring and monitoring core body temperature within 15 seconds.

Accurate Body Temperature Measurement

Fever detection strips help detect fever early during illness outbreaks or epidemics, serving as a necessary precaution to prevent the further spread of disease and ensure prompt treatment.

The disposable strips can be used for continuous temperature monitoring during anaesthesia, while they are ideal for mass temperature screening in locations such as schools, manufacturing plants, and offices.

Designed with adhesive backing, they can be reused and repositioned, making them convenient. Their non-invasive nature makes them particularly suitable for various settings, including with children, in surgical centres, or for quarantined patients, helping to minimise the spread of disease effectively.

To facilitate continuous temperature monitoring throughout the day, the temperature label, which can be used as a single or multi-use device, features adhesive-backed paper for easy attachment to the forehead. This allows for convenient temperature tracking and helps reduce the need for direct human contact, promoting safe distancing measures.

Non-Invasive and Safe Thermometer

When using the disposable temperature label, it should be used indoors and at room temperature. Exposure to direct sunlight or intense heat should be avoided during temperature measurement. It is also advised not to take temperatures if an individual has recently eaten, consumed beverages, or engaged in exercise within 30 minutes, as these activities can affect temperature readings.

To use the thermal strip, remove the backing and firmly press it onto the dry forehead, holding it at both ends for approximately 15 seconds. The temperature can then be read directly from the thermometer while it remains on the forehead. The colour indications are green for the correct temperature, blue to add 1 °F, and tan to subtract 1 °F from the reading.

  • Accurate temperature measurement in seconds
  • Early fever detection during outbreaks
  • Cost-effective
  • Convenient and reusable with adhesive backing
  • Non-invasive and safe for various settings
  • Promotes safety and distancing with adhesive-backed paper
  • Versatile usage in schools, offices, and more
  • Continuous monitoring during anaesthesia
  • User-friendly instructions for easy measurement
  • Reliable colour-coded display
  • Suitable for indoor use
  • Temperature stability in all conditions
  • Clear guidelines for optimal usage
30°C to 41°C
ClassificationFDA Class II Medical Device
Health Canada Device Class 1
Class I medical device in accordance with EU 2017/745.
ISO 9001:2015 certified
ISO 13485:2016/NS-EN ISO 13485:2016
 Not made with natural rubber latex
Hypoallergenic, pressure-sensitive acrylate
Internal Standards
Conforms to ASTM E-1061-01

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