Tiltwatch XTR

The TiltWatch XTR is a single-use tip indicator designed to maintain the proper orientation of goods during transit, effectively preventing them from tipping over. This packaging indicator can quickly detect and alert against excessive overturning or tipping of products during transportation or storage.

Tamper Proof Tilt Sensor

Equipped with tamper-proof features, the tilt sensor visually notifies users by turning red whenever any product exceeds an 80-degree tilt angle, ensuring immediate attention. Importantly, normal handling movements will not affect the accuracy of the tilt indicator.

The tip sensor is versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications, including packaging, electronics, instruments, glass, equipment, furniture, and fixtures. Once installed and activated, the packaging indicator cannot be moved or deactivated, guaranteeing its reliability and effectiveness in safeguarding products against damage during transport.

Prevent Tipping Product Orientation

Additionally, the inclusion of a sealing gasket provides extra protection to the tilt safety indicator, shielding it from environmental factors. By implementing this tilt monitoring solution, businesses can rely on a dependable and cost-effective means of preventing product damage while in transit.

  • Detects Tilt greater than 80°
  • Tamper-proof
  • The indicator will not activate under normal handling
  • Provides simple, cost-effective prevention of tilting
  • Affixes directly to goods or packaging for clear visibility
  • Activation Angle: 80° +/-5% from vertical
  • Monitoring Range: Single plane
  • Humidity Tolerance : 5-99% non-condensing
  • Temperature Tolerances: -40°C to 60°C / -40°F to 140°F
  • Composition: Rigid polystyrene housing with stainless steel indicator
  • Arming: Arms coincident with the removal of adhesive liner
  • Size: 2.9” (73.66 mm) wide x 2.7” (68.58 mm) length – depth .20” (5.08 mm)
  • Installation: Pressure-sensitive adhesive – and/or holes to accommodate small screws, nails, or staples for rough wood surfaces.
  • Customisation: Private logos available on orders above 3500 units.
  • Adhesive Shelf Life: Two years

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