Lollipop Probe Thermometer

The Lollipop Probe Thermometer has an 8-inch sharp tip probe, is waterproof, and is the perfect ideal waterproof tool for dishwashers. Its features allow one to quickly quantify and verify the rinse temperature in ware and dishwashers. The small-diameter probe helps measure the temperature of the food, such as chicken/fish fillets and meat patties.

The thermometer has a min/max reading memory that keeps track of the lowest and highest temperatures until it shuts off or is reset.

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  • NSF certified
  • °F/°C selectable
  • Min/Max memory stores lowest/highest readings
  • Automatic calibration feature
  • IP65 Waterproof housing
  • Small-diameter probe ideal for measuring the temperature of “thin mass” food such as meat patties and chicken/fish fillets (FDA Food Code 4-302.12 (B)

Lollipop Probe Thermometer Product Brochure - Humi Pak Malaysia: Download