SpotBot™ BLE - Humi Pak

SpotBot™ BLE

The SpotBot™ BLE is an Impact Recorder device that ensures transparency of the supply chain. When it is attached to the cargo load or shipment, it starts recording and measuring humidity, temperature, shock, and tilt. It allows data visualisation through the use of a mobile application from anywhere.

This impact recorder allows an individual parameter configuration. It is capable of tracing and assigning any violation throughout the complete supply chain. The use of SpotBot™ BLE gives peace of mind to the initiator and offers transparency to the supply chain. It provides a reliable indicating solution for logistics and transportation.

If the parameter threshold exceeds during the shipment journey, this device provides a reliable indication and clear proof for possible damage. It helps create a level of trust between businesses and provides essential data to optimise logistics processes. If no parameter violation occurs, the SpotBot™ BLE gives failure-free shipping chain evidence.

  • Simultaneously monitors different critical parameters
  • Provides clear evidence of any damage if occurred
  • Robust, simple to use, and cost-effective
  • Enables timely decision making
  • Reliable logistics and transportation solution
  • User-friendly and free mobile app to get visual updates
  • The battery life of up to two years
  • 24/7 accessible from anywhere across the world
  • Real-time notifications of temperature and impact
  • World-class technology and data provision
  • Flexible settings
  • Downloading capabilities
  • Automotive Parts
  • Electronics
  • Freight Forwarding
  • Heavy Rental Equipment
  • Medium Transformers
  • Turbines

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