Features of The Automatic Bagging Machine
Published On: September 20, 2022 Revised On: May 4, 2023

Features of The Automatic Bagging Machine

Back in the 60s, before the technology of automatic bagging machines existed, most operations packed their products manually. The manual packing took up about approximately 3 minutes to pack a product. With manual packing, the quality of products is sometimes not consistent as employees’ energy, skills, and experience varies, thus affecting operations output.

With new technology, it can now help increase the production process much more than manual sealing. Automation can also help businesses reduce their expenses financially in the long run. Automatic machinery increases output, meets new market demands, budget reduction and reduces human errors.

There are different automatic bagging machines, namely the R3200, R1275, 575B and Magnum Horizontal Automatic. These baggers have similarities and can quickly adapt when switching to varying sizes of bags. This low-pressure seal bar detects obstructions closing yet provides high-quality seals and is designed to minimise preventive maintenance costs.

Here are some features of the automatic bagging machine that we will share in this article.

High capacity Bag storage

The automatic bagging machine can hold up to 900 bags, depending on the bags’ thickness. The operator can access the device safely due to the explicit hinged cover magazines. A safety mechanism disables the Carousel drive. During normal operations, the operator can manually turn the carousel, enabling the carousel to be charged entirely in a single trip. He can also safely reload the bags without stopping production.

High-reliability bag picking and placing

Low friction coefficient (very smooth) bags will be reliably picked up and held by the machine. The machine will perform self-recovery procedures if a bag is not picked or placed correctly. Workers can confidently attend to other production activities as it moves on to select the next load and the next.

Display ready-filled and closed bags

Each bag is held firmly from picking and placing through sewing or heat sealing the closure. The machine successfully maintains the gusset used by the bag manufacturer throughout. This guarantees a perfect seal and attractive bag presentation. As a result, ready-to-display, sealed bags are produced and ready to be delivered to the end-users.

Integrated Weighing System

An overhead active weighing solutions net weigher offers the accurate product feed that is often integrated with the machine. Operations for product weighing and bag filling are set on a touch screen with an intuitive graphic display. With the presence of this, it allows consistency for all the products in terms of presentation and weighing.


Automated bagging machines are agile and adaptable as they fill various bags of shapes and sizes. These systems are also capable of handling a variety of items. Businesses might also be using a variety of lids, caps, eye dropper tips, and spray containers; therefore, the more agile and adaptable the machine, the better it is to produce products for the end-users.

Ability to collect and trace data

Businesses are currently requesting specific traceability requirements or essential data points. Such helpful information can be recorded and gathered by the automatic bagging machine, such as monitoring time, pressure, and other critical data points and keeping tabs on system output, quality control, and personnel performance. Data collection on machine usage is necessary for production decision-making and is a requirement when doing business in some industries.


Businesses can now invest in automated bagging machines to meet new customers’ demands and increase productivity in the packaging line.