Easy-Cut 4500 Series

Product packaging cutting at retail outlets, warehouses, or other commercial facilities is a time-consuming, precise, and challenging task. Using the right technology is key to precision and safe cutting of boxes. Out-of-the-box design of Easy-Cut Safety Cutter 4500 gives a single and precise setting of a blade that cuts and opens boxes without injuring the user or damaging packaged products. Unlike other cutters requiring the user to think before cutting the box to avoid product damage, the Easy Cutter 4500 allows for cutting at any place on the box. You can rest assured that the packaged products are still intact on the inside.

The single depth of this innovative cutter is suitable for cutting corrugated boxes with a single wall. This eliminates the need to push the cutter blade too far, which may damage the product. Its design features unique “Blade Vanishing Technology”, which allows for instant blade retraction after use within the cutter when it is not in use. This feature offers users additional protection against injury. Its ergonomic handle requires a gentle squeeze to extend the blade. This feature reduces the repetitive movements of the thumb, lowering the risk of thumb injury, which is common with other box cutter blades.

This cutter’s patented blunt radius tip, natural blade retracting mechanism, innovative snap-on lanyard, and other features make it a tough and safe cutting tool. The cutter has dual-sided guide edges, allowing users to make precise top cuts quickly and easily. When the user is finished cutting, the blades can be slid back into the safety unit. There is a storage compartment for blades, which allows for a quick and tool-free change of blades in a matter of seconds.

  • Resistant to corrosion and rust
  • Ergonomic handle
  • The blunt tip of the radius blade
  • Prevents injury to the users
  • Prevents damage to the packaged products
  • Blade storage backup
  • Convenient and quick cutting
  • Minimises costs
  • Commercial
  • Logistics
  • Packaging
  • Retail
  • Warehouse

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Easy-Cut 4500 Series Product Brochure - Humi Pak Malaysia: Download