Safety Cutter 1000

Safety Cutter 1000 features a patented radius-tip blade and three precise blade-depth settings, allowing for slicing through cardboard boxes of any type (single, double, or triple wall) while keeping the contents unharmed.

Blade Retraction for Accident Prevention

The ergonomic handle extends the blade naturally, eliminating the risk of repetitive thumb motion injuries commonly associated with other box cutters.

As soon as the handle is released, the blade instantly retracts into the unit for secure storage. This feature reduces the chances of accidents and injuries when the cutter is not in use.

The safety blade is designed for convenience and efficiency. It has dual-sided edge guides that make top cuts quick and precise. Once the cutting task is complete, the edge guides slide back into a locked position.

Dual-Sided Edge Guides for Top Cuts

The included clip-on holster and lanyard allow for secure attachment of the safety knife to a belt loop. The holster rotates 180 degrees, ensuring easy access and preventing accidental drops.

This practical feature enhances safety and saves from unnecessary injuries and downtime spent searching for misplaced cutters. The onboard blade storage compartment enables quick and effortless blade swaps without additional tools.

  • Patented radius-tip blade
  • Three precise blade-depth settings
  • Blade retraction for accident prevention
  • Ergonomic handle for injury-free operation
  • Quick and precise cuts
  • Quick and effortless blade swaps
  • Secure attachment with clip-on holster and lanyard
  • 180-degree rotating holster
  • Practical onboard blade storage
  • Dimensions (L x D x H): 7” x 1.5” x 2”
  • Unit Weight: 3.2 oz
  • Available Colors: Yellow, Red, Orange, Blue, and White
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