Proximity Alert System

Proximity Alert System

The Proximity Alert System is comprised of the Personal Alarm Devices (PADs) and the Collision Avoidance Module (CAM). These are the necessary equipment from the HIT-NOT series needed to work for the entire proximity alert system.

Personal Alarm Device (PAD)

Personal Alarm Devices detect pedestrians and prevent collisions at the workplace. The PAD system is worn by pedestrians and contains sensors that detect the magnetic field mounted on the vehicle-mounted generator. Once detected, the sensor will activate, warning both pedestrian and vehicle operator about the danger.

The PAD offers two types of alarms. The first occurs when the pedestrian enters the forklift’s Warning Zone (Yellow), and the second occurs when the pedestrian enters the forklift’s Danger Zone (Red). When a pedestrian enters the warning zone, the sounder emits three beeps, and the LED light up. If the pedestrian enters the danger zone, the sounder will continuously beep, and the LED will light up.

XL Personal Alarm Device (XL PAD)

The Extra Loud Personal Alarm Device (XL PAD) is specifically designed for applications in deafening noise environments. It registers at a maximum of 100dB when placed within 4 inches of a person’s ear and comes with a clip-on LED light on the shirt or vest. Like the Personal Alarm Device (PAD), the XL PAD is worn by pedestrians. It has sensing elements that detect magnetic fields and send alerts to pedestrian and vehicle operators.

The magnetic field is divided into warning (yellow) and danger (red) zones. When a pedestrian is detected in the warning zone, the sounder will emit three beeps and an LED light. If the pedestrian is in the danger zone, the sounder will emit a continuous beep and an LED light.

Collision Avoidance Module (CAM)

The Collision Avoidance Module (CAM) is a component of the Magnetic Field Generator or the XL Magnetic Field Generator. It can function like a Personal Alarm Device by sensing the magnetic fields from a generator and determining the close proximity of another truck. It sends an alarm when two trucks approach each other and help prevent the vehicles from colliding.

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