Forklift Safety

Ensure Precise Detection with Hit Not

It is the responsibility of a business to prevent workplace accidents, reduce damage, comply with OSH requirements, and improve employees’ safety. To help companies with their efforts to make their workplace secure, we offer world-class precision detection technology, enhancing the security of any workplace. Hit-Not is an advanced and precise system for pedestrian detection at the workplaces like manufacturing facilities and warehouses. It has a proximity sensor alarm system, which makes it useful for those industries that use mobile equipment such as ports, docks, and many others where pedestrians work closely along with equipment. The pedestrians or workers at the workplace wear a Personal Alarm Device (PAD), which senses the magnetic field of HIT NOT attached to the mobile machine or equipment like a forklift. When the PAD detects the magnetic field, it sends warning signals to the vehicle operator and the pedestrians. Forklift safety helps in preventing workplace accidents and injuries.

Benefits of Using Hit Not

Our Hit Not solution is a state-of-the-art technology that uses a magnetic field on low frequency to save the workers’ lives at the workplace. The magnetic waves pass through most of the structures and walls. This means that Hit Not can see the workers even if the forklift operator cannot see the worker, eliminating danger from the most hazardous spaces and blind spots inside the warehouse or at the dock. Hit Not offer much better precision than RFID systems as it utilises a stable marker of the magnetic field, which does not encounter multi-path issues. With the application of Hit Not, it becomes safe for multiple pedestrians and machines to operate in the same area, efficiently and securely. Humi Pak supplies Forklift Safety Systems from the recognized vendors. Through our system, businesses can monitor their forklift equipment and assure workplace safety.

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  • Proximity Alert System
    The Proximity Alert System is comprised of the Personal Alarm Devices (PADs) and the Collision Avoid
  • Proximity Alert Components
    Proximity Alert Components are a range of additional devices comprised of magnetic field generators,