Total Trax Location Services

Total Trax Location Services

Get Real-Time, Precise, and Rich Location Data with Total Trax Location Services

Warehouses, fleet, safety managers, and organisations need robust and precise tools to collect and analyse data related to their vehicles. This plays a critical role in meeting and exceeding the organizational goals and objectives. There are various ways in which having precise and real-time data at hand help organisations.

Total Trax Location System is an add-on service that helps companies gain powerful and critical insights about their vehicles, thereby improving workplace safety, resource utilization, productivity, and maintenance. This innovative tool provides enhanced speeds and accuracy with low maintenance requirements and costs than its competitive or alternate solutions.

Location services of the Forklift Monitoring System also help identify device travel routes, trends, observe the movement of a pallet, set vehicle speed standards, pathways, and other parameters. Our innovative device for location services is available in three vehicle location levels to meet the needs of various warehouses and organizations.

  • Helps in the identification of patterns that predict events of the future, such as impact and congestion
  • Designing optimal vehicle travel routes
  • Determining the best locations for product placement
  • Understanding and observation of pallet movement
  • Set and review benchmarks for determining vehicle speeds, paths, and other related parameters
  • Enhanced speeds and accuracy
  • Lowers costs of maintenance
  • Provides the functionality of base-level and mid-level location
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Retail
  • Warehouse

At Humi Pak, we offer a complete range of Total Trax solutions that enable companies to achieve accurate insights, enhance productivity, and lower costs.

3 Levels of Vehicle Locations

Level 1: LXBASE

Provides base-level location functionality.

  • Works well for companies with smaller facilities or without the need to identify exact vehicle locations
  • Wi-Fi-enabled
  • Provides an estimate of where the vehicle is within a facility when an event occurs
  • Utilises the Event Report to provide location information

Level 2: LXRANGE 

Provides mid-level location functionality.

  • Works well for companies with medium to large facilities that need tighter location monitoring
  • Provides location of the vehicle within a 50-foot radius
  • Flexible reporting solution that provides information by unit or by an operator of where an event occurred
  • Mapping capabilities include:
    • Live Map displays a snapshot of a vehicle’s location
    • Event Map displays the specific location where an event occurred
  • May require installation of additional access points


Provides top-level location functionality.

  • Works well for companies with larger facilities that require high levels of accuracy or breadcrumbs
  • Provides location of the vehicle within 1-foot precision
  • Flexible reporting provides the insight for predictive analytics to be able to report on speeding violations, stop violations, and location where the event occurred
  • Mapping capabilities:
    • Live Map displays live vehicle data
    • Event Map displays the specific location where an event occurred
  • Supports geofencing and forthcoming Inventory Management technology
  • Requires additional VX hardware (VX71 and OPMs)
  • Adds near real-time, rich location stamps to most events

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