Forklift Monitoring System

Forklift Monitoring System is an advanced telematics platform designed to provide real-time, inch-accurate visibility of all vehicles, operators, and inventory movement. Humi Pak’s Forklift Monitoring System helps warehouse operations run more efficiently, productively, and safely by pairing this visibility with driver safety information and other reportable data.

The forklift monitoring system comes in 3 different devices to provide a complete fleet management experience:

  • 200 SoftwareSX

SX200 Software provides users with many benefits, including flexibility, upgradability, data management, data analytics, and many more. Businesses can use this software to share data between management platforms for better analytics. The seamless integration of future applications includes Battery Optimisation and real-time Optical location systems. Moreover, the EquipManager®, Impact Manager® installations, and EquipCommand® software can be upgraded to SX200 to obtain new data management and reporting tools.

  • VX100/200 Hardware

VX100/200 Hardware features a simple & intuitive user interface, providing users with color-coded information, status LEDs, interactive function keys, driver-friendly graphical icons, and a bigger screen for the VX200. The VX100, on the other hand, can display UI on existing VMT. Designed to make installation, service, and upgrades easier and faster. The VX100/200 Hardware allows flexible WiFi or cellular connectivity options depending on requirements. We have also improved the ruggedness and power management of the device with an IP66 rating and 10V to 80V conditioning.

  • Cloud Hosting Services

Our Cloud Hosting Services leverages on high-quality service from Rackspace® for its Data Security and Back-Up. Moreover, we offer service options ranging from baseline remote unit monitoring to proactive operational support. We optimize database performance by automating software updates. As a result of cloud hosting and cellular connectivity, this is a cost-effective solution that will benefit the IT department.

  • Improve Productivity & Efficiency – Performance reporting by an operator allows actionable information to drive business decisions.
  • Safety & OSHA – Provides access control capability to manage vehicle operations while monitoring operator driving behaviour. The system also features a multi-lingual interface driven by individual user login, a safety checklist required before the operation, and also generates impact detection sensing and event data.
  • Damage Reduction – Reduce accidents & impact damages to facilities, products, and equipment. Minimises the need for vehicle maintenance costs & ensures a longer operating life.
  • Fleet Monitoring – Usage monitoring (run vs idle time/Load on vs Load Off) with Multi-parameter Maintenance monitoring through customisable inputs such as fluid pressure, temperature, lift count, travel time, key-on time, and reverse count (3 digital, 3 analog inputs with the ability to expand)

3 Application Methods

1. Improve Insight into the Entire Job Process

To enhance job tracking, calculate job duration, travel time, and travel with load to analyse the labor costs associated with each job. Understanding the resource utilisation and total cost of a job improves resource scaling, scheduling, and reduces waste.

2. Improve Planning, Scheduling, and Estimating

To improve workflows, you can customise the job tracking system to cater to your business needs. Analyse the steps and direct the data accordingly to perform the activity. Moreover, leverage the links between activities, internally and externally. Building new connections between activities and companies can coordinate actions better with their buyers and suppliers.

3. Improve Insight into Past vs Current Jobs

To positively impact costs using TotalTrax job tracking services create a competitive advantage by giving companies new ways to stand out from their competitors. Identify the technologically and economically distinct activities and how it benefits the business. Also, identify opportunities for savings through coordination with suppliers and distributors.