VCI Masking Film

VCI Masking Film

VCI masking film is an adhesive, pressure-sensitive, corrosion inhibitor film designed to protect metal surfaces. When applied, the packaging film adheres firmly to the metal surface and can be removed cleanly without any residue. It is capable of withstanding roll forming, bending, cutting and stamping, making the masking film ideal for use in metal fabrications, metal service centres, doors, trim works, heavy-duty industrial equipment and machines stored indoors.

The bluish transparent volatile corrosion inhibitor film is made with durable, water-based acrylic that is odourless, non-toxic, lightweight, and safe. The strong transparent film protects metal against defects and prevents corrosion for up to 6 months indoors.

The anti-rust film protects exposed metal surfaces during manufacture, storage and shipment from physical scratches, marring and corrosion. To use the masking film, apply it directly to a clean and dry metal surface. The metal surface needs to remain corrosion-free and flawless until ready for use.

  • Speciality finishes that need to remain flawless
  • Precision and machined metal surfaces
  • Polished surfaces
  • Metals that require protection from defects during manufacturing, fabrication
  • Metal fabrications, metal service centres, doors and trim works, heavy-duty industrial equipment and machines that are stored indoors
  • When it is impractical to remove, repaint and rework imperfections manually

Watch the video or read the blog to learn more about VCI.

  • Multi-metal VCI protection
  • Reduce rejects due to surface damage and corrosion
  • Lightweight, odourless, safe, and easy to handle
  • Water-based, pressure-sensitive adhesive system
  • Clean peel film; leaves no residue on the metal surface
  • Withstands bending, cutting, and forming operations
  • Transparent film permits inspection
  • Available in rolls up to 80″ wide

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