VCI Packets

VCI packets provide long-term protection for multi-metals during storage and transit. These pouches are infused with volatile corrosion inhibitors that release protective vapours, forming an invisible shield that shields metal surfaces from the harmful effects of moisture, oxygen, and other corrosive agents.

Resistant to Punctures and Tears

The VCI packets are resistant to punctures and tears and can be placed inside enclosed spaces such as boxes, cabinets, bags, bins, or envelopes. They release protective vapours, which readily adhere to metal surfaces. This method ensures reliable corrosion protection without altering the metal’s inherent properties.

For optimal corrosion protection, the VCI packet should be placed inside an airtight enclosure along with the metal parts. This barrier effectively hinders or reduces the corrosive action of moisture, oxygen, and other detrimental elements, preserving metals for an extended period.

Long-Term Protection for Multi-Metals

With VCI packets, there is no longer a need for additional surface treatments or extensive cleaning upon removal from the packaging, making the process more time-efficient and cost-saving.To maximize the effectiveness of the VCI protection, position metal parts or electronics intended for protection within 12 inches from the emitter.

  • Economical and effective metal protection
  • Volatile corrosion inhibitors prevent contact with moisture and oxygen
  • Long-term corrosion protection for multi-metals
  • Durable anti-rust bags for secure storage
  • No alteration of metal properties
  • Eliminates the need for additional surface treatments
  • Easy-to-use pouch-like packaging
  • Ideal for enclosed spaces like boxes, cabinets, bags, bins, or envelopes
  • Creates a chemical barrier on metal surfaces
  • Optimal effectiveness when placed within 12 inches of metal parts or electronics
SizeMetal ProtectionVolume of ProtectionDuration
2” x 4”Mutimetal3.5 ft³ (0.1 m³)12 months
3 2/5” x 4”Mutimetal7 ft³ (0.2 m³)12 months
3 2/5” x 5Mutimetal17.5 ft³ (0.5 m³)12 months
3 2/5” x 5 1/2”Mutimetal35 ft³ (1.0 m³)12 months
3 2/5” x 6 1/2”Mutimetal53 ft³ (1.5 m³)12 months