Retention Packaging

Suspension and Retention Packaging offers an easy-to-use, safe, and fast packaging solution that is proven to protect products against impact. The packaging solution is available in various sizes and shapes and can be customised according to the specific product packaging requirements. With 100% recyclable material and flexible film stretch, it is a void-filling packaging solution for cell phones, laptops, machine parts, circuit boards, and many other products and devices.

This cost-effective packaging suspends and secures products in the middle of the packaging container, safely distancing them from all sides. The assembly of this packaging is scalable and customisable, making it a perfect solution that provides impact resistance and prevents the product from moving inside the package.

Protect Products from Impact and Vibration with Suspension and Retention Packaging

At Humi Pak, packaging solutions comprise high-quality and durable corrugated boards and PE film. Our economical, versatile, and captivating packaging is functional and attractive for the end-users. We provide custom-tailored solutions that accommodate the size and volume of products, eventually reducing packaging costs. Packaging Indicators such as Impact Labels can also record potential impact damages during transportation.

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  • Maximise space
  • Durable & strong
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Aesthetic packaging, good for marketing
  • Versatile & flexible, applicable for most goods
  • Easy to operate, little training required
  • No additional machinery required

Retention Packaging Product Brochure - Humi Pak Malaysia: Download