OPP Tape

OPP Tape

The OPP Tape is the most common type of clear tape used extensively in inventory management and product shipping. It has a unique molecular structure along with polypropylene resin stabilisation, which offers outstanding optical and mechanical qualities. It is handy for a wide range of applications, including packaging.

This tape is manufactured from BOPP film and has a clear, unique water-based acrylic adhesive coating. Due to its high resistance and tensile strength, it is lightweight, printable, and highly sticky. The excellent glossy finish and transparency give the tape an exceptional look and finish. Other tapes are not resistant to pollutants, whereas the OPP Tape offers a moisture-resistant barrier and can resist different pollutants and hazardous chemicals. This makes it ideal for securing cargo loads and packaging.


OPP Tapes offers many benefits for general packaging, cargo loads and shipment of packaged goods.

  • Lightweight and environment friendly
  • Reduces the possibility of damage to the packaged products due to weather conditions, transportation
  • Resistant to moisture, humidity, and other environmental pollutants
  • Keeps the products dry inside the package
  • It does not require extra lamination, excellent clarity, and tensile strength.
  • Suitable for an extensive range of industrial, domestic, and shipment packaging requirements
  • It can be used for the identification of products.
  • Printed OPP Tape serves as a security seal showing if the packaging has been tampered with or not.
  • Acceptable across the world

OPP Tapes have a wide variety of applications in different industries.

  • Used for packaging food products and sealing
  • Used for printing, lamination, and electrical applications
  • Shipping, wrapping, bundling, and packaging
  • Perfect for sealing pallets, merchandise, and cartons
  • Excellent for both machine and manual application

Here in Humi Pak, other Packaging Materials alternatives are also available, used for packing, securing, and protecting the integrity of products throughout transit and storage. Please send us an enquiry to find out more about our OPP Tape and its applications.

  • Superb adhesion to surfaces
  • Strong grip

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