Reinforced Aluminium Foil

Reinforced Aluminium Foil

The Reinforced Aluminium Foil, also known as Barrier Film, is made from aluminium foil with an outer layer of transparent nylon film and multiple layers of heat-sealable polyethene, giving it its opaque, flexible, waterproof, and heat-sealable characteristics. The formation of these layers not only results in moisture and oxygen-proof properties but also provides the Reinforced with Aluminium excellent resistance to tears and punctures.


Economical and flexible, the Reinforced Aluminium Foil is a packaging solution for sealing and lining shipping crates to prevent off-gassing and shelves from protecting against harmful elements from the surrounding environment, such as moisture, liquid or gases, minimising damage to goods. With the proper packaging method, the aluminium foil creates a tightly sealed, low-oxygen environment, eliminating pests’ infestation and providing products with enhanced protection. The tightly sealed packaging also allows the Reinforced Aluminium Foil to regulate and maintain the humidity within the inner packaging.


Reinforced Aluminium Foils with high physical strength are commonly used to pack large, heavy-duty metal machinery and electrical products with metal processing surfaces. Packable in various shapes and sizes, they are suitable for applications such as machine tools, military equipment, printing machine, rubber processing equipment, engines and other heavy-duty components.


Place the finished packaged product on a wooden pallet after sealing. It is recommended to use the Reinforced Aluminium Foils together with Desiccant Bags and Humidity Indicator Cards to ensure humidity control. Store in a cool and dry warehouse, avoid any potential fire source and prevent contamination of chemicals or a corrosive atmosphere. With proper packaging, shelf life can be up to 12 months.

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  • Thermal insulator for cargos and shipment
  • Its material is useful in keeping the rooms cool in summer and warm in winter

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