Reinforced Aluminium Foil

Reinforced Aluminium Foil, or Barrier Film, is a flexible and versatile packaging solution. It consists of an aluminium foil core covered by a transparent nylon film and layers of heat-sealable polyethene. This foil is tear and puncture-resistant, effectively protecting against moisture, liquids, and gases.

It is commonly used to seal and line shipping crates, safeguarding goods from potential damage. The foil’s tightly sealed environment eliminates pests and regulates humidity within the packaging. The foil is used for packaging heavy-duty machinery and electrical products with metal processing surfaces.

Combining the reinforced aluminium foil with desiccant bags and humidity indicator cards is advisable to ensure proper humidity control. The packaged product should be stored in a cool, dry warehouse on a wooden pallet, away from fire sources and chemicals. With appropriate packaging, the shelf life can extend up to 12 months.

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  • Thermal insulator for cargos and shipment
  • Its material is useful in keeping the rooms cool in summer and warm in winter