Moisture Barrier Bags

Moisture Barrier Bags, also known as Mylar bags or foil, serve as an ideal moisture protection solution. They protect the products against the damage caused by moisture, aromas, humidity, grease, oxygen, and other contaminants in the atmosphere. These bags offer an eco-friendly alternative to complex packaging options. Moisture Barrier Bags protect and preserve products due to their high tensile strength and low moisture and oxygen transmission rate. When packed with Desiccants or Oxygen Absorbers, these bags offer excellent stability and shelf life to packaged products.


The use of Moisture Barrier Bags for different products offers several benefits, which include but are not limited to, the following:

  • Eliminates costs of replacement due to damage to metal parts that can make equipment inoperable
  • Provides long-term protection to products against moisture and humidity, reducing the risk of exposure to uncontrollable external factors for an extended time
  • It can be customised in a variety of shapes and sizes.
  • Ideal for a wide range of moisture and humidity-sensitive products
  • Prevents damage to products due to corrosion and tarnishing

Moisture Barrier Bags is not limited to a single or few industries. They have diverse applications in various industries.

  • It can be used for the preservation of raw materials or ingredients.
  • Protects pharmaceutical products
  • Can store electronic and metal components and products
  • Military packaging
  • For storing food supplements, fine powders, and dry ingredients
  • Others

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  • Excellent moisture barrier
  • Maximum puncture resistance
  • Heat sealable
  • Military-grade and specifications