High-Density Polyethylene bags

High-Density Polyethene (HDPE) plastic is a thermoplastic polymer known for its linear structure and minimal branching. It is an affordable material produced by catalytic cracking of crude oil or modification of natural gases such as methane, ethane, and propane mixtures. The manufacturing process involves low temperatures (70-300°C) and pressures (10-80 bar).

Lightweight Packaging with High Impact Strength

HDPE plastic falls into the number 2 category and is manufactured using two techniques:

  • Gas-Phase Polymerisation: Monomers undergo polymerisation in the presence of a fluidised catalyst, polymer particles, and vaporised monomers within a fluidised bed reactor.
  • Slurry Polymerisation: Monomers polymerise, leading to the formation of dispersed monomer particles.

Durable and Versatile Applications

HDPE plastic bags are transparent(milky white or semi-translucent), cost-effective, lightweight and have high impact strength. It is more rigid and stronger than LDPE but also tears easier and sounds crisper and crinkly.

The plastic can protect against various elements such as alcohols, dilute acids, alkalis, grease, and some solvents, excluding aromatic, aliphatic, and halogenated hydrocarbons.

High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) bags offer excellent corrosion resistance, safeguarding against mould, rot, and mildew. They meet stringent industrial-grade, NSF, FDA, and USDA standards, ensuring the safe handling of food products.

The lightweight plastic bags can be used in grocery stores, restaurants, and convenience stores, serving packaging and storage needs. HDPE bags can also be used as laundry, T-shirts, utility and garbage bags.

A wide array of customisation options is available for tailored solutions to meet specific requirements and preferences.

  • Transparency and Cost-Effective
  • High Impact Strength
  • Resistance to Alcohols, Acids, Alkalis, and Grease
  • Corrosion Resistance and Mold Prevention
  • Flexibility for Molding
  • Compliance with Industry Standards
  • Recyclable
  • Product: HDPE Plastic Bags
  • Material: High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Colour: Transparent/Clear
  • Thickness: Available in various thickness options (e.g., 0.5 mil, 1 mil, 1.5 mil)
  • Size: Offered in a range of sizes
  • Durability: High tear resistance and strength for reliable performance
  • Clarity: Excellent transparency for easy visibility of contents
  • Certifications: May comply with relevant industry standards and regulations, such as FDA and ISO certifications
  • Usage: Suitable for various industries and applications, including but not limited to:
    • Retail: Ideal for packaging merchandise, clothing, and accessories
    • Food and Grocery: Suitable for carrying produce, snacks, and other food items
    • Industrial: Perfect for storing and transporting parts, components, and hardware
    • Household: Versatile for organizing, storing, and carrying household items