Hazard Bag

Hazard bags effectively manage and minimise waste in the biomedical and medical industries. Correctly identifying and separating waste materials is crucial. This helps reduce costs, environmental impact and protects public health.

Effective Biowaste Management

The best way to handle biomedical waste is by using coloured and coded hazardous plastic bags. These special bags ensure proper waste disposal and prevent the spread of hazardous viruses and infections. Biohazard bags dispose of bio-hazardous or infectious waste from offices, hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, and emergency rooms.

Biowaste bags are made of high-quality materials, ensuring that medical waste is securely separated from general trash. Hazardous waste bags are strong, tear-resistant, and durable, making them ideal for waste management and disposal in healthcare facilities.

Ensuring Proper Waste Disposal

Biohazard specimen bags have an additional layer of protection which contains any leaks or spills that may occur during transportation. Biowaste bags are also marked with biohazard symbols, making it easy for waste management companies to identify and dispose of medical waste properly.

  • Coloured and coded hazard plastic bags
  • Applicable in various healthcare settings
  • Tear-resistant and durable
  • Additional layer of protection
  • Biohazard symbols for easy identification
  • Available in various sizes, thicknesses and colours
  • Printing can be done in Flexographic
  • The bags are biodegradable in nature
  • Available in a single flat bag only
  • LDPE and HDPE material