Pouch Packing Machine

Pouch packing machines are designed to facilitate the continuous packaging of various products into pouch packs created from a film roll. The packaging machine is well-suited for dry and granular items, such as powders, candies, snacks, chocolates, lentils, and liquids like sauces, cosmetics, beverages, and drinks.

Customizable Pouch Packs

The pouch packs can be constructed in three or four-sided thermo-sealed or stand-up single or duplex pouches. The vertical form-fill-seal system can be used across various industries, including food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and more.

Upon being filled, the pouches are capable of standing upright with ease. The bagging machine has an automatic system that batches and seals products. Furthermore, the thermo-sealing machine enables swift and effortless filling of free-flowing products into the pouch packs.

Efficient Batch and Seal System

The packaging materials, like papers or plastic bags, are attached to the pouch packaging unit as a roll. The automatic machine also features a programmable controller and a temperature control unit, enabling efficient management and control of the device.

  • Continuous packaging of various products into pouch packs
  • Suitable for dry and liquid items
  • Flexible pouch construction options (Thermo-sealed, stand-up, single or duplex)
  • Versatile application across multiple industries
  • Pouches stand upright after filling
  • Automatic batching and sealing system
  • Swift and effortless filling of free-flowing products
  • Secure attachment of packaging materials (papers or plastic bags)
  • Programmable controller for efficient management
  • Temperature control for optimal packaging conditions

Pouch Packing Machine Product Brochure - Humi Pak Malaysia: Download