Linear Compact Premade Pouch Machine

The linear and compact premade pouch machine is a versatile packaging machine that automates compact pouches’ opening, filling, and sealing. Equipped with an adjustable filling device, the form-fill-seal packaging machine can be customised for different product types.

Automated Packaging Solution

The automatic packaging machine has mechanisms like volumetric cups, multi-head weighers, pistons, and auger fillers to handle a wide range of products, including granulated products, solids, liquids, and powders.

The pouch-sealing machine features a single changeover component, enabling quick adjustments to different pouch sizes. It also offers automatic control and temperature adjustment, ensuring convenience and flexibility.

The packaging machine simplifies the process of opening, filling, and sealing pouches. It can handle various types of multi-bags, including daypacks with zippers, ¾ side seal pouches, and stand-up bags. With its user-friendly interface and low maintenance requirements, the VFFS machine streamlines operations, improving efficiency and productivity.

Streamline Operations and Efficiency

The pouch packaging machine requires minimal training and labour as pouch bags are easily placed on the loading device, allowing the machine to handle the rest of the packaging process.

Optional features such as zip open, grip seal, gas flush/vacuum, product settling, data printer/ink printer, and SMC pneumatic are available to improve productivity and ensure efficient filling of goods.

The form-fill-seal machine is highly versatile and compatible with a wide range of packaging products, including powders, liquids, food and non-food items, pet products, granules, beans, and coffee. The machine can accommodate various types of premade pouches, such as bottom gussets, stand-up pouches with zippers, and flat bags, providing flexibility for different packaging needs.

  • Automation for efficient pouch opening, filling, and sealing
  • Customisable to accommodate different product types
  • Versatile compatibility with various packaging products
  • User-friendly interface for easy operation
  • Efficient mechanisms for handling different materials
  • Quick adjustments for different pouch sizes
  • Automatic control and temperature adjustment
  • Optional features to enhance productivity
  • Streamlined operations for improved efficiency
  • Compatibility with diverse multi bags
  • Speed: 6-18 bags/min
  • Bag Type: 3 Side Seal Bag, Stand Up Bag
  • Bag Size: < 100 < Width 300mm
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 1635mm x 510mm x 1650mm
  • Power: 220V/50HZ/60HZ/Single Phase 20A
  • Technical Feature: SS304 Machine Frame & Contact Parts
  • Handle Range: Granule, Powder, Liquid, Coffee Bean, Candy, Pet Food

Linear Compact Premade Pouch Machine Product Brochure - Humi Pak Malaysia: Download