Magnum Horizontal Mail Order Packaging System

Works with Pre-Made Poly Mailers and Poly Tubing

The Auto Bag Magnum Horizontal Mail Order Fulfilment Automatic Bagger is a poly mailer packaging system that works with coex poly tubing and pre-made coex poly mailers on a roll. Poly tubing allows for changing bag length on the fly, reducing shipping and material costs.

Simplify Packaging by Applying the Label Directly on the Bag

The Auto Bag Magnum Horizontal Mail Order Fulfillment Automatic Bagger, which does not require a printer ribbon, offers a label printer applicator to create a fully integrated mail-order fulfilment bag packaging solution. Moreover, this automatic bagger for poly mailer packaging can be outfitted with a dual-sided label printer applicator to include the shipping information and packing slip on a single label, simplifying the packaging process as there is no need to wait for and place the packing slip directly inside the poly mailer bag.

An Ergonomic Packaging System with a Small Footprint

By loading the product horizontally, this poly mailer packaging system provides operators with a more ergonomic packing system. The footprint is significantly smaller with a horizontal load layout and an integrated conveyor than vertical load systems.

A Complete Mail Order Packaging System for Poly Mailers

Made in the USA, the Auto Bag Magnum Horizontal Order Fulfillment Automatic Bagger includes a 1-year limited warranty that is extendable up to 5 years when exclusively using Autobag brand coex poly mailer bags on a roll or poly tubing, as well as labels. This mailing system for poly mailer packaging is the best fit for e-commerce, order fulfilment, and distribution facilities that require the maximum level of performance in their poly mailer packaging operation.

Please inquire or get in touch about the Auto Bag Magnum Horizontal Order Packaging System. Please read our blog to understand the three factors before selecting a packaging machine. Watch a video to learn more about Magnum Horizontal Mail Order.

Operating Benefits
  • Works with poly tubing as well as pre-made poly mailers on a roll for maximum flexibility
  • Horizontal load configuration for improved packing ergonomics
  • Lower material and shipping costs when using poly tubing by making bags inline before they are filled and sealed
  • The wide colour touchscreen is operator friendly and has clear readable prompts and alarms
  • Two-foot long outfeed conveyor for conveying product to the next step in the fulfillment process
  • Large diameter rolls and variable bag length enables the machine to package products of practically any length
  • Integrated label printer applicator ties into the warehouse management system to print the shipping label directly on the outside of the bag
Maintenance Benefits
  • Designed to minimise preventative maintenance costs by using off-the-shelf components
  • Self-diagnostics ensure quick problem solving
  • Warranty extendable up to 5 years when exclusively using Auto Bag brand material and labels
Set-Up Benefits
  • Store different bag length settings for quick job set-up
  • Stand with casters and a compact design provides portability
  • Quick roll change feature to facilitate an easy and fast changeover
Safety Benefits
  • Low-pressure closing with an obstruction detection system for improved operator safety
  • Safety light curtains for added safety during loading (optional)
  • Designed to meet CE requirements
  • Speed (Bags): Up to 40 bags/min
  • Speed (Poly Tubing): Up to 20 bags/min
  • Feed Rate: Up to 40″/sec
  • Bag Width: 2″ – 13″ (15″ optional)
  • Bag Length: 2″ – 96″
  • Bag Thickness: 1 – 5 mil
  • Electrical Requirement: 120V @ 20A
  • Air Requirement: 80psi @ 5 CFM
  • Warranty: 1 year, extendable up to 5 years
  • Origin: Made in the USA

Auto Bag Magnum Horizontal Mail Order Fulfillment Automatic Bagger Product Brochure - Humi Pak Malaysia: Download