Auto Bag R785 Automatic Bagger

Auto Bag R785 Automatic Bagger

All-Electrical Industrial Design

The Auto Bag R785 Automatic Bagger is an electrically powered and high-speed tabletop poly bagger that functions at a maximum of 40 bags per minute using an advanced control system. The machine can be operated automatically or manually by pressing a footswitch/seal bar and is loaded directly via infeed devices or semi-automatically via hand. The R785 is also a reliable multi-shift packaging solution of extremely high quality due to its all-electric industrial design.

As the Auto Bag R785 lacks a need for compressed air, the machine can be installed at any point as long as there is an ordinary electrical outlet, facilitating mobility in the product environment. Moreover, this Automatic Bagger is compact (26” wide x 18” deep) and lightweight (just over 100lbs), making it even more effortless to relocate it if necessary.

Flexible Poly Bagging

Given that flexibility is one of the most critical aspects in packaging products in poly bags, the Auto Bag R785 Automatic Bagger can accommodate a variety of poly bags on a roll sizing up to 12” wide and 20” long. Also, product set up is made easy using the R785 when the machine comprises a convenient and easy to use touch screen interface with large job storage of a maximum of 50 jobs.

A Range of Features to Optimise the Bagging Process

The R785 Automatic Bagger has a range of attributes that are only exclusive to its own to optimise any bagging process. The seal flattener feature is one example in which poly bags are automatically stretched by fingers before sealing. This way, potential wrinkles in the seals can be eliminated, and bag support can be emphasised more, resulting in the easy handling of bulkier products. The load shelf’s angle in this feature can also be customised to one’s requirements, securing the most optimal set-up for heavy products.

Automatically Print and Apply Labels Directly on the Poly Bag

The R785 Automatic Bagger is the first-ever all-electronic poly bagger that provides an option for a unified label printer applicator that prints and applies labels on poly bags. Given that this labelling solution allows for the direct printing and placement of a scannable barcode label on the bag, this is especially advantageous for applications such as poly mailers that require a changeable shipping label or data with every bag. In fact, the R785 is the most suitable changeover for customers who are manually packaging and applying labels by hand and is also exceptionally effective for short batch runs. Any printer ribbon is also unnecessary due to the combination of the label printer applications with direct thermal labels/transfer.

Engineered with Uptime and Safety in Mind

With safety being the number 1 priority in all work environments, the R785 Automatic Bagger with a CE compliant design is guaranteed to satisfy all safety requirements for packaging machinery. This machine aims to be hazard and risk-free by applying safety precautions such as:

  •       Eliminating any potential injuries by closing the seal bar on the device without forcing
  •       A large number of off-the-shelf components to offset labour costs and maximise uptime
  •       Perfectly secured with as few screws as possible for easy removal and accessibility of the internal components in the machine
Versatile Design for a Range of Industries

The Auto Bag R785 Automatic Bagger has a versatile design. Therefore, it is suitable and can adapt well in various poly bagging applications such as aerospace, automotive, food, injection moulding, kitting, mail order fulfilment, pharmaceutical, and many more.

Extendable Warranty

A 5-year extension of the standard 1-year warranty will also be provided when exclusively using Auto Bag pre-opened bags on a roll.

Please send us an enquiry or get in touch with us to know more about the Auto Bag R785 Automatic Bagger or you can read our blog here to understand the three different factors to consider before selecting a packaging machine.

Operating Benefits
  • Operate with a footswitch, by hand, or in auto cycle mode
  • Adjustable height articulating load shelf to support the bag during packaging (13″ max bag length)
  • Seal flattener fingers minimise wrinkles in the seal area by stretching the bag prior to selling
  • Print and apply a label directly on the next bag being fed out (optional)
  • Compact design takes up minimal footprint in the packaging area
  • 7” colour touchscreen with user-friendly interface and clear prompts
Maintenance Benefits
  • Off the shelf modular components for easy replacement
  • Remote networking capability for improved troubleshooting
  • Self-diagnostics ensure quick problem solving
  • Quick service access to all electrical components
  • Comprehensive 5-year warranty (optional)
Set-Up Benefits
  • Utilises Auto Bag pre-opened bags-on-a-roll for quick bag size changes and easy set-up
  • PLC with job storage, batch counters, packaging statistics, and login-in levels
  • Interface to infeed devices for a fully automatic packaging system
  • Ceramic heating element for fast start-up
Safety Benefits
  • Zero force seal bar closing virtually eliminates the chance of injury
  • Low power consumption design (500 Watts)
  • CE compliant design for improved safety and troubleshooting
  • Speed: Up to 40 bags/min
  • Bag Width: 2″ – 12″
  • Bag Length: 3″ – 20″
  • Bag Thickness: 1 – 4 mil
  • Seal Width: 1/8″
  • Electrical Requirement: 120V, 5A, 50/60Hz
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 26″ x 18″ x 24″
  • Weight: 105 lbs
  • Warranty: 1-year limited warranty, extendable to 5 years when exclusively using Auto Bag brand bags on a roll

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