WarmMark Long Run

WarmMark Long Run is a cost-effective and disposable temperature indicator designed to monitor and safeguard goods during transportation and storage. It effectively indicates whether products have been subjected to unfavourable temperature conditions.

Comprehensive Temperature Monitoring

These packaging indicators display a product’s exposure to temperature excursions above either 10°C or 31°C. The indicators can be easily affixed directly to the products or packaging, providing visual evidence of any exposure to unacceptable temperature levels. This feature lets users determine if the product quality has been compromised quickly.

Moreover, the thermal control indicators suit products with known temperature stability and expiration characteristics at specific times or temperature combinations. The temperature monitoring label incorporates a window that remains white when no issues are present.

Versatile Thermal Control Indicators

A red dye progressively fills the indicator’s windows if the temperature exceeds a certain threshold. If the temperature falls below the threshold, the progression of the dye stops. This unique feature allows handlers and shippers to accurately assess the duration of product exposure above the threshold temperature.

The cold chain monitoring indicators are versatile and applicable to a wide range of products, including floral arrangements, chocolate products, pharmaceutical items, raw and cooked meats, specimens, tissue samples, meal delivery services, and chemicals.

  • Time Temperature indicator
  • Up to 7-day exposure monitoring
  • Cost-effective and disposable
  • Monitors temperatures during transportation and storage
  • Indicates exposure to unacceptable conditions
  • Tracks long-term temperature excursions
  • Provides visual evidence of temperature exposure
  • Helps assess product quality
  • Suitable for specific temperature stability
  • Window feature for easy monitoring
  • Red dye progression for temperature threshold exceedance

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