WarmMark Duo

WarmMark Duo is a cost-effective, disposable temperature indicator that monitors temperatures during shipping and storage. The packaging indicator acts as an ascending time-temperature indicator, providing visual evidence of temperature exposure levels at two activation temperature levels: 10°C and 34°C, all within a single indicator.

Effective Temperature Monitoring

When the indicator’s windows remain white, it signifies that there are no temperature issues. However, if the temperature exceeds the predefined thresholds, a gradual appearance of red colour can be observed in the indicator’s windows over time.

As soon as the temperature falls below the threshold, the progression of the colour stops. This unique feature enables handlers and shippers to accurately assess the duration of product exposure to temperatures above the threshold level.

Enhance Product Quality Control

The packaging sticker can be directly attached to the products or the packaging to provide visible evidence of exposure to unacceptable temperature levels. The label also serves as a reminder for users to inspect the quality of the product and take appropriate action if necessary.

These packaging indicators can be used on products with known temperature stability curves and expiration characteristics at specific times and temperature combinations.

  • Cost-effective and disposable indicator
  • Monitors temperatures during shipping and storage
  • Dual activation temperature levels: 10°C and 34°C
  • Visual evidence of temperature exposure levels
  • White windows for no issues; red colour progression for threshold exceedance
  • Helps determine the duration of temperature exposure
  • Ideal for products with known stability and expiration characteristics
  • Enhances cold chain monitoring and quality control
  • Easy to use and interpret temperature data
  • Reliable in assessing temperature compliance

WarmMark Product Brochure - Humi Pak Malaysia: Download