WarmMark Duo

During shipment and storage, the WarmMark Duo disposable packaging temperature indicator monitors temperatures to determine whether products have been exposed to unfavourable conditions. These reliable temperature indicators offer visual proof of exposure to unsuitable temperatures, enabling users to establish whether product quality has been affected. It is best suited for goods with a known temperature stability curve and expiry characteristics at specific time and temperature combinations.

WarmMark Duo provides information about the time spent in two different activation temperatures. There is no issue if the windows in the WarmMark Duo indicator remain white. However, if the temperature rises over two predetermined thresholds, a red hue gradually appears in the indicator’s displays over time. The colour stops changing if the temperature drops back below the threshold. Handlers and shippers can determine how long the product was exposed to temperatures above the point.

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  • Dual Threshold Time/Temperature indicator
  • Field-Armable with pull tab

WarmMark Product Brochure - Humi Pak Malaysia: Download