Blood Temp 10

Blood Temp 10

The Blood Temp 10 Temperature packaging indicator helps check blood bags’ temperature during storage and transit. It has two windows – a yellow activation window and a white breach window. Once the indicator is activated, a green line appears in the yellow activation window, and the breach window will remain white. If the temperature breaches 10°C, the Blood Temp 10 will visually alert the handlers.

The temperature label can be read quickly and effortlessly without requiring electricity. Each indicator includes a different serial number to provide traceability, and the indication is irreversible.


  • accurate measurement of blood bag core temperature
  • irreversible temperature breach indication
  • No pre-conditioning is required for simple push-button activation
  • resistant to splashes
  • traceability of individual serial numbers and lots

Read here to learn the difference between the various types of time-temperature indicators!

  • Irreversible evidence
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to interpret
  • Aids in compliance with regulatory guidelines

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