Strapping Tensioners are used for strapping and lashing cargo, a durable packaging solution for securing cargo products. Belt Tensioners allow an easy, fast, and secure application of tension to the cargo load in an ergonomic way. They are made of quality materials like steel or aluminium, making them hard-wearing, durable and robust. Due to their lightweight, they are often used for lashing or strapping different load sizes and types. Various tensioners are available in the market, ranging from manual to battery-operated and automatic tensioners. Some commonly used belt tensioners include the following.

Manual Tensioner

A manual tensioner, also known as a leverage tensioner or pry bar tool, uses manual force to tension strapping bands or belts around the cargo load. It offers a lightweight, low-cost, and practical solution.

Battery Operated Tensioner

The battery-operated tensioner has an attached battery for operation, and it supports a tension of up to 1000 container straps per charge. It is suitable for heavy-duty applications.

Pneumatic Strapping Tensioner

The pneumatic strapping tensioner for woven polyester strapping and composite straps. It allows the application of maximum tension with minimum effort and operates with a push of a button. The tensioner is highly durable, lightweight, and easy to use.

Ratchet Tensioner

Different models of the Ratchet Tensioner are available. They are ideal for heavy-duty applications, easy to operate, and highly durable.

High Quality and Durable Strapping Tensioners

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