Quickly Release and Dispense Strap with Dispensers

Strapping Bands often tangle during the process of strapping, causing trouble and it is a waste of bands and time. The use of Strapping Band Dispensers prevents this problem. It allows quick and easy dispensing without rollover and kinks. Made from high-quality materials, the Strapping Band Dispenser has a handlebar for ease of use. With a double bearing centre, the dispenser turns smoothly and quickly, enabling fast goods strapping without tangles. Due to a superior build, it is extremely durable, and all types of standard strapping coils easily fit into it. Strapping Band Dispensers allow a smooth and hassle-free release of Strapping Bands to prevent tangling. They come with a moveable handle, which enables easy adjustments and oscillations. Finest steel or plastic construction offers extra strength, resilience, and durability. These dispensers can be used for dispensing steel or plastic strapping with ease.

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  • Strapping Band Dispenser
    Quickly Release and Dispense Strap with Strapping Band Dispensers Using a strapping band dispenser p