Pallet Slip Sheets

Pallet Slip Sheets

The Pallet Slip Sheet is useful for providing support to unit loads inside the containers during delivery and products stored in the warehouse. With Pallet Slip Sheets, companies can conveniently transport unit loads inside a facility or outside between different facilities using any transportation device. They help in decreasing human intervention, which improves the efficiency and safety of load-shifting work.

There is a wide range of Pallet Slip Sheets available. Depending on the industry, our clients choose plastic, corrugated foam board, and laminated kraft board Pallet Slip Sheets. In many cases, these sheets can replace conventional wooden pallets, as they offer cost-effectiveness. The use of the Pallet Slip Sheet depends on the kind and size of the unit load. These sheets are designed, dimensioned, and shaped according to the product load. They come with a 4 to 6 inches tab or lip that stretches beyond single or more Pallet Slip Sheet sides. Place Pallet Slip Sheets on the floor and place goods on top of it. They are an alternative to pallets.

Improve Warehouse Capacity and Hygiene with Pallet Slip Sheets

Humi Pak offers quality Pallet Slip Sheets in various sizes, shapes, and materials. We can also provide our clients with custom-manufactured Pallet Slip Sheets according to their specific load securement requirements. With our dynamic, flexible, and exclusive cargo protection solutions, we ensure to minimise damage and risks involved during transportation and storage. Our Pallet Slip Sheets help in reducing pallet purchase and handling, and transportation costs. More importantly, they are 100% recyclable. We offer wholesale prices for bulk orders.

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  • Reduces the cost of materials, freight, labour, repair, storage, and disposal
  • Environmentally-friendly, wood-free, hygienic, and 100% recyclable
  • Compatible with standard forklifts outfitted with Push-Pull attachments, roller forks, and modern conveyor systems
  • Ideal for both domestic and international shippers

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