Edge Protector For Shipping

Edge Protector For Shipping

Goods in pallet packaging are highly vulnerable to damage during transportation. Edge Protectors For Shipping which are often used with stretch film provide protective packaging against damage during transport. They are applied to the edges of the pallet packaging to provide additional protection. Made from heavy-duty and quality materials, the Edge Protector For Shipping has extra strength to hold heavy loads in place. They are available in a wide variety of materials, including self-adhesive, heat-sealed, bio kraft, printed, and others. The Edge Protector For Shipping optimally distributes tensile forces due to strapping and tension-reducing pressure on the product packaging.

Ensure Safe Delivery of Products with Edge Protector For Shipping

Use the Edge Protector For Shipping to protect the cargo or truckload, and individually packaged units. They offer extra strength and safety to the packaged products by reducing the pressure and tensile forces that lashing tapes or strapping exerts on the load. We ensure to provide quality packaging solutions that help in reducing shipping costs and the risk of damage.

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A mm B mm C mm D mm
50-60000 35 35 BIO 2-6

HS 1-6

40 40
45 45 BIO 2-8

HS 1-8

50 50
60 60
80 80
100 100

Sizes Available:

B x C (mm) A (mm) D width (mm)
35 x 35 1000 3
50 x 50 1000 4
60 x 60 1000 4
60 x 60 1000 6

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