Container Lashing

Secure Cargo and Goods with Container Lashings

Provide added protection to the transportation units, such as containers, ships, trailers and rail cars. Reduce the possibility of damage to the cargo due to incidents. Container Lashings offer cost-effective and time-efficient solutions, whatever the applications and conditions are. They are specifically designed for securing both light and heavy loads inside the containers. Through this damage solution, companies can save their cargo from potential losses during transit. Container Lashings are made of sturdy and durable woven polyester or nylon materials and are mostly available in two colours – white and orange. They are great for holding individual cargo units in one place. These bands do not stretch much and are water-resistant. They are also not prone to mildew and moulds. The Lashing Belts can also resist UV sun rays and do not lose their shape. If the load is likely to expand, it is ideal to use polyester lashing.

Container Lashings to Secure Cargos

At Humi Pak, we offer Container Lashings for light and heavy cargo loads. The packaging material secures cargo in its place and prevents damage during shipping. The Container Lashing can hold even the most substantial individual units together, depending on their construction. Before choosing the container Container Lashing, it is vital to know the strength and limit of the working load. We assist our clients with the selection of the right type of Container Lashing that fits their precise requirements.

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    Secure Cargo and Goods with Woven Lashing Belts Provide added protection to the transportation units