Leak Proof Bag

Leak proof food bag, also known as the anti-leak food bag, is designed to provide an effective solution for keeping food fresh for longer. Its air-tight and secure sealing feature ensures that food remains fresh by preventing air from entering the bag and compromising food quality.

Made from eco-friendly and non-toxic materials, the food packaging safely preserves fresh food items, including fish, meat, cheese, vegetables and fruits.

Air-Tight and Secure Packaging

The airtight bags are also versatile and convenient as they can be used for freezer storage and microwave reheating. The Anti-leak Food Bags can be customised and manufactured using durable materials such as polyester, aluminium, or polypro, depending on specific food storage needs.

Non-permeable bags have transparent sides and can be printed in up to six colours, providing visibility and customization options. These anti-leak bags are available in three standard sizes (small, medium, and large) and offer flexibility for various food storage requirements.

Maintain Product Quality

Anti-leak pouches are suitable for storing raw and cooked foods, ensuring their freshness and quality. Furthermore, these bags are durable and reusable, reducing waste and promoting sustainability. Additionally, the sealed bags are suitable for storing liquids.

Their compact and portable size allows for easy transportation and storage. Moreover, non-permeable bags can sustain high temperatures, improving reliability and usability. The leak-resistant pouches are suitable for cold storage, ensuring the freshness and preservation of food items.

In commercial settings, these airtight bags can be used for food packaging and storage, providing a reliable solution for maintaining the quality of products. In domestic environments, they serve as an effective means of food storage, extending the shelf life of various food items.

  • Leak-proof and airtight sealing
  • Eco-friendly and non-toxic materials
  • Versatile for freezer and microwave
  • Customisable and durable
  • Transparent for easy visibility
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Reusable and sustainable
  • Compact and portable
  • Withstands high temperatures
  • Ideal for cold storage
  • Suitable for commercial packaging
  • Extends shelf life at home
  • Small: 250 x 166 mm 280 x 166 mm
  • Medium: 250 x 250 mm 280 x 250 mm
  • Large: 330 x 250 mm 280 x 333 mm