Stand Up Pouch

Stand-up pouches, also known as a Doypack, are a versatile food packaging solution that can stand upright. It includes a zip-lock closure to maintain the freshness of the contents.

FDA-Approved and Tamper-Proof

The flexible stand-up bag can be used across various industries, including food and beverage, household items, and pet food. Compared to traditional packagings like glass bottles or cardboard boxes, it requires fewer resources and has a lower manufacturing cost.

The upright pouch comprises multiple layers of barrier materials, which can be divided into three main groups. These layers provide durability and puncture resistance:

  1. Outer layer: This layer allows for printed graphics, enabling brand messaging and appealing to consumers through advertising.
  2. Middle layer: This layer acts as a protective barrier, ensuring the safety and freshness of the pouch’s contents.
  3. Inner layer: This layer is FDA-approved, ensuring food safety in contact with the packaging. It is also heat-sealable, assuring customers that the pouch is tamper-proof.

We provide a range of zip lock bags featuring different materials, lengths, and sizes. The vertical pouch can also be customised with zippers, top holes, tear notches, and spouts, enhancing its performance capabilities.

  • Self-standing design for convenient storage and display
  • Zip-lock closure for maintaining product freshness
  • Heat sealable
  • Oxygen & moisture resistant
  • Leak-proof
  • FDA-approved for food safety


Film Structure

Bag Style

Bag Size


Frozen MangoPAA/LLDPEStanding Pouch with Zipper220 x 250 + 558 colours + varnish
Banana Dessert Microwavable/ Self-Venting SealPA/LLDPE3 Side Seal130 x 17010 colours
Frozen Fried ChickenPET/VM-PET/LLDPE3 Side Seal with Zipper190 x 2508 colours
Frozen ChickenPET/PA/LLDPE3 Side Seal160 x 17010 colours
TeabagOPP/VM-PET/LLDPE3 Side Seal65 x 754 colours
Retort Pasta SaucePET/PA/AL/RCPPStanding Pouch120 x 180 + 358 colours
Retort TunaPET/AL/PA/RCPP3 Side Seal200 x 3008 colours
Retort Sweet Corn (microwavable)Barrier PET/PA/RCPP3 Side Seal130 x 300No printing
Retort Stew Microwavable/Self-Venting SealBarrier PET/PA/RCPPStanding Pouch130 x 150 x 353 colours