Moisture Absorption Film

Humi Pak’s Moisture Absorption Film (MAF) is a packaging material integrated with a film and desiccant. Unlike other standard packaging films, the MAF can absorb moisture from the inner contents of the film due to the integrated desiccants, which absorb water vapour to ensure that the pouch is kept at a low humidity level, maintaining the integrity of products throughout the supply chain.

  • Eliminates desiccant concerns of business by preventing the occurrence of the accidental ingestion or misuse of desiccants by consumers, which results in health-related risks and hazards
  • Allows firms that do not have a desiccant packaging process in their packaging lines to include a moisture absorption feature
  • Enable small packaging bags and pouches that are unable to include a desiccant sachet or bag due to the limited space available to incorporate a humidity control function and moisture absorption effect as well

The moisture-absorbing film is applicable for a wide range of industrial applications, ranging from standard food products (e.g. dried confectionery, spices, pasta) to health food products, pharmaceuticals (e.g. tablets, powders, test kits), as well as electrical components. The MAF is also available in a wide spread of packaging bags and pouches such as three-sided seal pouches, four-sided sealed pouches, stand-up pouches, gusset pouches and centre seal pouches to fulfil the various packaging requirements.

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