Microwavable Pouch

Microwavable pouch has a distinctive protective layer of polyester film coated with Alumina (AIOx) instead of the conventional aluminum layer. This innovative design ensures that the pouch remains safe from complete heating in the microwave and effectively prevents the occurrence of electrical sparks.

Effortless Heating

With its unique self-venting capability, the heat-resistant pouch offers enhanced convenience during food preparation, eliminating the need to create openings in the pouch when heating the food in the microwave.

Furthermore, this food packaging solution incorporates a stand-up feature, which not only preserves the integrity of the food within the pouch but also allows for easy consumption without concern for pouch tipping.

Customisation options for graphic printing on the microwave-safe pouch allow for brand and product information display.

  • Alumina-coated for enhanced safety
  • Self-venting for convenient heating
  • Stand-up design for stability
  • Customisable graphic printing
  • Leak-proof and odour-proof
  • Versatile for meals, sauces, and frozen foods
  • Alumina coating prevents electrical sparks
  • Effortless food preparation
  • Preserves food integrity
  • Enhances brand presence
  • NY/CCP