Food packaging bags and pouches play a crucial role in safeguarding food, effectively protecting it from external damage and extending its shelf life. The food films consist of multiple layers of polymers, typically ranging from three to 12 layers. Designed as a protective barrier, food packaging solutions effectively shield against oxygen and moisture, ensuring the preservation of food quality.

Flexible food packaging solutions are customizable, allowing for the inclusion of different layers. The combination of layers enhances the shelf life of the packaged food while providing desirable attributes such as stiffness, transparency, and suitability for heat-sealing applications.

The composition of food packaging bags includes PET, ALU, Nylon, and VM, each with unique characteristics. At Humi Pak, we specialise in tailoring food packaging to meet specific requirements. To extend the shelf life of food products, incorporate food packaging with oxygen absorbers, ensuring optimal freshness and quality preservation.