VOC Adsorbents

VOC adsorbents are designed for applications that require the removal of contaminants and VOCs in various industrial equipment, systems, and environments. Improve overall air quality and reduce potentially harmful VOC compounds that may pose a health risk.

Alphasorb 2/8

A potassium permanganate-impregnated activated alumina sphere can remove contaminants such as hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans, ethylene, formaldehyde, Sox and NOx. Commonly used for corrosion control in industrial places, cleanrooms, air purifications, and the elimination of ethylene to control the ripening of flowers, fruits, and vegetables.

Alphasorb 3

Activated zeolite granules are suitable for removing ammonia in various industries and


Alphasorb 5

Activated alumina spheres are impregnated to remove iodine, bromine, chlorine, fluorine, and acid gases. The VOC absorber can be applied to control corrosion in industries and facilities for precise gas leakage control.

Alphasorb 15

Caustic-impregnated activated alumina spheres remove acids and corrosive gases, especially hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, and chlorine. The main application of this filtration pallet is industrial corrosion control and deodorisation in sewage.

Alphasorb Blend

A blend of different Alphasorb products in the desired proportions, the Alphablend 8A is the most common blend, composing equal parts of Alphasorb 8 and Alphacarb A. This unique blend can eliminate various gases, widely used in deodorisation, VOC control, and indoor air quality improvements, such as in public buildings, hotels, and offices.


High-quality activated coal pallets that meet purification requirements.

Benefits of VOC Adsorbents:
  • Reduces the need for container ventilation due to VOC accumulation
  • Reduce additional handling or airing out products due to odours
  • Reduce customer rejects and returns from VOC odours
  • Non-toxic, safe, and easy to handle
  • Able to be disposed of together with regular industrial waste