Ultra Clean Desiccators

Ultra Clean Desiccators

Ultra Clean Desiccators give protection against the effects of moisture, corrosion, and related contaminations in different sensitive equipment. A separate humidity indicating unit or panel mounting relief valve can be incorporated on the equipment to get an indication of humidity levels. These desiccators designed for use with a variety of panel mounting humidity indicators according to the application requirements.

When the machine or equipment is subject to failure due to the condensation of water vapours, the use of a Molecular Sieve as a desiccant helps in maintaining a low level of relative humidity. These desiccators come with a filler plug which allows easy replacement of desiccant when it saturates. The use of Molecular Sieve as desiccant is suitable for use with highly sensitive equipment where enclosures are subject to operate at lower temperatures and condensation of water vapours should not occur. When the desiccators entirely use the desiccant cartridge, it is replaceable with a new unit. These desiccators are suitable for equipment that operates in low-temperature environments.

  • Protects against moisture, corrosion, and related contamination
  • Monitors moisture saturation
  • Replaceable desiccant cartridge
  • Cost-effective
  • Non-toxic
  • High performing
  • Can be customised according to specific requirements and applications
  • Computer equipment
  • Electronic
  • Electro-optical
  • Sensitive equipment
  • Telecommunications equipment
  • For Molecular Sieve desiccant only
  • Variety of models available

The 3 types of Ultra Clean Desiccators available are:

  • 2g – 8g Refillable Molecular Sieve Filled Unit Ultra Clean Desiccator
  • 3g Molecular Sieve Filled Ultra Clean Desiccator
  • 10g – 22g Molecular Sieve Filled Ultra Clean Desiccator

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