Pipeline Desiccators

Pipeline Desiccators

Pipeline Desiccators are designed for use in pipelines filled with compressed gas. These desiccators eliminate moisture and water content from the gas line. The gas or compressed air pipelines maintain a low dew point temperature by integrating Pipeline Desiccators. When the working pressure is up to 60 psi, the Pipeline Desiccators reduce the content of water vapours from the line.

While the primary purpose of using Pipeline Desiccators is to remove the moisture and water vapours, which are the primary source of contamination, it also helps in selective absorption of various other harmful gas components through careful desiccant selection. The use of special filters of different grades helps in maintaining the cleanliness of particulates below 1µm. The Pipeline Desiccators use either a Molecular Sieve or Silica Gel for absorbing moisture or humidity. These desiccants significantly reduce the incoming moisture level or existing moisture to suitable levels.

When the equipment is subject to instant failure due to the condensation of water vapours, it is advisable to use a Molecular Sieve. The use of Molecular Sieve as a desiccant helps in maintaining a low level of relative humidity. It is suitable for use with highly sensitive applications where enclosures are subject to operate at lower temperatures, and condensation of water vapours should not occur.

  • Protects against water vapours and contamination
  • Can use both silica gel and molecular sieve
  • Monitors moisture saturation
  • Cost-effective
  • Non-toxic
  • High performing
  • Can be customised according to specific requirements and applications
  • Fits both molecular sieve and silica gel
  • Can be fitted to compressed gas lines

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