High Voltage Motor Protection Unit

High Voltage Motor Protection Unit

The High Voltage Motor Protection Unit has a humidity indicator. This unique unit protects the high voltage motors and switchgear against corrosion, dampness, and resulting contamination. The humidity indicator within this unit monitors moisture saturation and indicates when the unit needs cartridge replacement or desiccant change. When the contained desiccant is dry, it shows a blue colour, and when it absorbs the maximum quantity of moisture, it turns pink.

This desiccator uses either a Molecular Sieve or Silica Gel for absorbing moisture or humidity. It significantly reduces the incoming moisture level or existing moisture to suitable levels. When the machine or equipment is subject to instant failure due to the condensation of water vapours, it is advisable to use a Molecular Sieve. The use of Molecular Sieve as a desiccant helps in maintaining a low level of relative humidity. It is suitable for use with highly sensitive equipment where enclosures are subject to operate at lower temperatures and condensation of water vapours should not occur.

  • Protects against dampness, corrosion, and contamination
  • Incorporates indicator desiccant
  • Monitors moisture saturation
  • Indicates high levels of humidity
  • Preserves moisture sensitive products
  • Cost-effective
  • Non-toxic
  • High performing
  • Can be customised according to specific requirements and applications
  • Electric motors
  • High voltage systems
  • Machines
  • Sensitive equipment
  • Switchgears
  • Incorporates humidity indicator
  • Visual indication of RH level
  • Variety of models available
  • Replaceable desiccant

The types of High Voltage Motor Protection Desiccators available include:

  • Silica Gel Filled Desiccator (1½” BSP mounting thread)
  • Silica Gel Filled Desiccator (2” BSP mounting thread)
  • Silica Gel Filled Desiccator (saturation indicator window)
  • 2g – 8g Silica Gel Filled Metal Panel Mounting Desiccator

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