Unit Paks

Unit Paks

Absorb Moisture and Humidity from Product Packaging with Unit Pak

Unit Pak has moisture absorbing desiccant which provides a drying solution for a variety of packaging applications. These Unit Packs come in bulk quantities in desiccant packets. These packets can absorb moisture and humidity levels present within the product packaging. A ‘unit’ refers to the military packaging specification, which meets MIL-Spec 3464 and Type I and II. It comes as a big pillow pack frame. The desiccant bags contain activated clay. The size selection of the desiccant depends on the application and environment. It offers high levels of moisture, mildew, mould and humidity absorbency. These packs comply with approved FDA standards, non-toxic and DMF-free. They have diverse applications, including pharmaceutical, diagnostic, food, leather, electronics and many other product packagings.

Quality Unit Pak Desiccants from Humi Pak

At Humi Pak, we supply moisture absorbents that have high water resistance and air penetration along with a high rate of vapour transmission. Our packaging solutions tested for durability, absorption rate and capacity in varied environments. The desiccant bags are made from kraft paper or Tyvek, which offers flexibility, tear-resistance, high absorption, and low lifting with excellent seal strength. We also provide custom solutions according to the particular application requirements and Humidity Indicator Cards to ensure that dehydration measures work.

Please send us an enquiry to know more about available desiccant choices. Our packaging engineers can help with the right selection.

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