Mark 7 Transformer Breather

The Mark 7 Transformer Breather is designed to protect the equipment that operates under high mechanical stress. These are produced from mild weld steel to withstand vibrations, bumps, and shock parameters found in electric trains and other similar vehicles. When these breathers filled with orange indicating desiccant are fitted with oil seals bowls, it provides a cost-effective way to control moisture. It only requires a periodic oil inspection and replacement of desiccant.

Model No. Height of Desiccant Container (ā€œLā€) (mm) Overall Height (mm) Desiccant Weight (Kg) Equipment Oil Contents (Litres)
701 127 190 0.75 550
702 235 300 1.20 880
703 407 407 2.50 1850

Mark 7 Transformer Breather Product Brochure - Humi Pak Malaysia: Download