Mark 7 Transformer Breather

The Mark 7 transformer breathers are designed to enhance the robustness required for safeguarding equipment operating under high mechanical stresses. These desiccant breathers are available in three different body lengths, ensuring suitability for diverse requirements and applications.

Durable Construction for Harsh Environments

The desiccant breathers are built using mild steel and coated with a protective phosphate and powder finish. Their durable construction can withstand common bumps, vibrations and shocks in electric traction and similar vehicles.

Equipped with oil-seal bowls and desiccants that demand minimal maintenance, the silica gel breathers provide convenience and ease of use. Maintenance involves periodic oil level inspection and desiccant replacement, ensuring hassle-free operation.

Dust Resistant Silica Gel Desiccants

The breathers are filled with orange-to-green colour-changing silica gel for monitoring. This visual transformation is a clear indicator, signalling when it’s time to replace or refill the breather. The silica gel desiccants resist dust attrition, ensuring reliable performance over time.

  • Robust protection
  • Versatile
  • Durable
  • Resilience to vibrations
  • Low maintenance
  • Enhanced dust resistance
  • Visual indicator
  • Customisable
Model No.Height of Desiccant Container (ā€œLā€) (mm)Overall Height (mm)Desiccant Weight (Kg)Equipment Oil Contents (Litres)

Mark 7 Transformer Breather Product Brochure - Humi Pak Malaysia: Download