Combined Relief Valves & Humidity Indicator

Combined Relief Valves & Humidity Indicator

Combined Relief Valves & Humidity Indicators for Limited Space Applications

For the applications with space limitations at which only one hole is present, Combined Relief Valves and Humidity Indicators prove beneficial. This combination is ideal for optic-electronic equipment, moisture-sensitive electronics, or any other device or equipment that requires control of humidity in enclosed space subject to air transportation. The valves and indicators need a single hole for fitting in containers or equipment.

Due to the reversible quality of these indicators and valves, the sensor paper changes colour from blue to pink with an increase in humidity. It becomes blue when the humidity inside the equipment comes to a normal level. It is also possible to insert a desiccant cartridge as an additional unit called static desiccators. This is optional for absorbing any additional humidity or moisture from within the equipment. It can fit in most makes of Combined Relief Valves and Indicators. Plus, it gives protection to the equipment against the impacts of moisture and humidity. There are different models of Combined Relief Valves and Humidity Indicators available in the market which users can select according to the requirements.

  • Easily fit into a small space
  • Used for various sensitive equipment like optic-electrical equipment, electronics, laser systems, cameras, storage, and others.
  • Available in different variations
  • Offer a combination of M24 Thread Pressure Relief Valve and ¾’ Humidity Indicator
  • The colour of paper changes from blue to pink with a rise in humidity levels and returns to blue when the humidity level lowers
  • Can be used in combination with desiccant to remove extra moisture and humidity from equipment
  • Cost-effective
  • No need for separate pressure relief and humidity valves
  • Cases
  • Electronics
  • Sensitive electro-optic equipment
  • Storage containers
  • Others
  • Changes from blue to pink when there is high humidity and goes back to blue when humidity decreases
  • A combination of M24 Thread Pressure Relief and Humidity Indicator Unit ¾” Thread Humi-Valve
  • Can be used to electrical equipment, storage areas, cameras, and laser systems

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