Vent Breather

Vent Breathers

Equalise Equipment Pressure and Remove Gases from Equipment with Vent Breathers

Storage tanks, containers or equipment having volatile gases need breathing space. The changes in external temperature lead to the accumulation of vapours and gases. Besides, opening and closing containers or equipment cause the build-up of gases and fluctuations in vapour space. This exerts pressure on the vessel walls, which can lead to damage.

The common use of Vent Breathers is to equalise pressure and remove gases from inside the equipment. These are low-profile breathers with various applications. Most commonly used on valves or single-acting cylinders, they prevent the entry of foreign substances and contaminants inside the container or equipment. Vent breathers are of many kinds.

The Desiccant Breathers serve as an effective tool whenever pressure equalisation is a requirement. A Vent Breather relieves vacuum and equalises pressure in gearboxes, storage tanks, crankcases, or other containers. Due to the simple and easy-to-use design, users can install them with little to no protrusion making a component of equipment. However, it is essential to mount the unit in a position that protects it against excessive vibrations. The use of tools for mounting or installation facilitates quick positioning and tightens the breather into the device.

Many times, harmful gases accumulate inside the equipment, requiring elimination; otherwise, they may damage the equipment or container. With the use of Vent Breathers, it is possible to resolve this issue efficiently and cost-effectively. The Vent Breathers work as a barrier that filters the contaminants and protects the equipment from harsh environmental conditions.

  • Equalise pressure inside the equipment or devices
  • Remove harmful gases
  • Protect against external contaminants like sand, rain, dust, etc.
  • M50 Bi-directional Vent Breather
  • Can withstand water jet projections and dust ingress
  • Easy panel mounting
  • Containers
  • Equipment
  • Industrial
  • Allow pressure equalisation and outgassing
  • Protection from driving rain, sand, and other external conditions
  • M3 Thread Splash Proof Breather
  • M50 Thread Bi-Directional Breather Vent

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