Splash Proof Breather

Splash Proof Breathers

Allow Dry Air Transfer Inside and Outside Electronic Enclosures and Cases with Splash Proof Breathers

The electronic enclosures and cases operating in aggressive environments need safety against moisture, humidity, and other contaminants to function optimally. The use of Splash Proof Breathers inside such equipment and cases enables the transfer of air inside and outside while preventing entry of contaminants like water, dust, dirt, and sand. This helps to maximise the performance of equipment and protects it against the effects of the environment and contaminants.

The Splash Proof Breather is made from various materials, including stainless steel, plastic, and aluminium. The use of these materials makes this breather resilient, robust, and durable. This breather can withstand even the most aggressive and harsh applications, making it ideal for various equipment or devices. Additionally, it is ideal for containers that need minimal air venting and has to withstand splashes of water or directed water streams.

If the equipment needs moisture control, it is possible to fill the Immersion Proof Breathers with a desiccant-filled humidity absorber. This desiccant controls inlet moisture. When the air passes through the breather desiccators, they remove moisture from the air entering the equipment or container. Hence, they protect the equipment against humidity and condensation damage.

  • Helps in controlling moisture and humidity inside the equipment or container
  • Prevents damage due to humidity or condensation
  • Ideal for protecting enclosures and transit cases that can operate with a volume of up to 500 litres
  • Additional desiccant inside the cartridge ensures entry of only dry air
  • Robust and easy-to-use design
  • Gives the driest possible environment in the equipment or containers
  • No maintenance required
  • Commercial aircraft for air transit
  • Used for applications where it is not possible to replace desiccant and condensation is likely to occur

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