Immersion Proof Breather

Immersion Proof Breathers

Protect Pressure Sensitive Equipment with Immersion Proof Breathers

Pressure-sensitive instruments and equipment used at the places subject to extreme environmental conditions such as altitude changes, water immersion, sandy or dusty places need protection against environmental damage or disruptions. These factors can cause overpressure, vacuum, moisture, or humidity inside the equipment or instruments. This impacts their structure and function adversely, decreasing performance and life.

The use of Immersion Proof Breathers offers excellent protection against damage or functional problems that result from such environmental changes. They allow the creation of a controlled environment, which improves the performance and life of the equipment. If the equipment needs moisture control, it is possible to fill the Immersion Proof Breathers with a desiccant-filled humidity absorber. This desiccant is fixed on the rear part of these breathers.

These breathers keep the equipment safe against the effects of outside temperature and moisture changes. When the air passes through the breather desiccators, they remove moisture from the air entering the equipment or container. Thus, they protect the equipment against humidity and condensation damage.

  • Help in controlling moisture and humidity inside the equipment or container
  • Ideal for extremely sensitive instrument and equipment
  • Protect equipment or instruments exposed to changes in altitude, atmospheric pressure, or temperature
  • Additional desiccant inside the cartridge ensures entry of only dry air
  • Prevent vacuum or overpressure build-up within the equipment or containers subjected to immersion in water
  • Robust and easy-to-use design
  • Give the driest possible environment in the equipment or containers
  • Prevent intrusion of fluids
  • No maintenance required
  • Industrial
  • Used for applications where it is not possible to replace desiccant and condensation occurs occasionally
  • Ideal for pressure-sensitive equipment that operates under harsh environmental conditions
  • Easy installation
  • Prevents liquid water intrusion
  • M5 Thread Immersion Proof Breather
  • M8 Thread Immersion Proof Breather
  • Brass M8 Thread Immersion Breather
  • Low Profile M8 Thread Immersion Proof Breather
  • Plastic M12 x 1.0 Thread Immersion Proof Breather
  • M12 x 1.5 Thread Aluminium Immersion Proof Breather
  • M16 Thread Aluminium Breather Desiccator
  • M16 Thread Immersion Proof Breather
  • Polycarbonate M16 Thread Immersion Proof Breather
  • M20 Thread Aluminium Immersion Proof Breather

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