Drain Plug

Drain Plugs

Facilitate Uninterrupted Liquid Flow and Prevent Entry of Contaminants with Drain Plugs

Equipment and containers containing liquids are highly vulnerable to external contaminants due to the opening and closing. Drain Plugs provide an easy and efficient way of keeping equipment and containers safe from the effects of external contaminants. Thus, they allow the uninterrupted flow of fluid whenever required. These flange-mounted drain plugs manufactured from quality polycarbonate material have a filter that helps in draining the liquid. These Drain Plugs feature high performance, stability, resistance to weak acids, ethers, and alcohols.

The Drain Plugs’ design provides proactive and robust protection and liquid-tight sealing to completely secure the liquid inside the container or equipment’s safety. They have easy to fix and use design, allowing easy plugging and removal when required without the need to open the equipment. These plugs can operate from 40ºC to 70ºC, which means they are easily operable anywhere and in any environment. Moreover, they prevent the entry of insects, contaminants, and other foreign substances into the fluid while facilitating the smooth flow of liquids. Made from quality materials, these Drain Plugs are available at Humi Pak from reputed national and international manufacturers.

  • Keep liquids secure and safe from foreign substances
  • Facilitate smooth liquid flow when required without the need to open the mouth of the container or equipment
  • Resistant to acids, alcohol, and ethers
  • Can be used for any type of container and equipment across the globe
  • Simple installation and removal without the need to open equipment
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant
  • Durable
  • Industrial
  • Equipment manufacturing
  • Marine
  • Others
  • Able to operate anywhere between – 40ºc to 70ºc allowing it to operate anywhere around the world
  • Resistant to weak acids, alcohols, and ethers
  • Prevents foreign contaminants from entering while still allowing fluids to flow smoothly
  • Prevent insects and contaminants from entering
  • Simple to remove without having to open the equipment

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