Immersible Breather Desiccator

Immersible Breather Desiccators

Immersible Breather Desiccators give protection to equipment from underwater overpressure or vacuum buildup. Many equipment or machines are subject to water immersions, changes in temperature, or altitude. Such machines or equipment are also likely to develop vacuum or overpressure, which adversely affects their function and durability.

Immersible Breather Desiccators ensure no overpressure or vacuum build-up in the equipment or machinery while protecting against the impact of water. They are perfect for equipment or machines that are subject to altitude, barometric, or temperature changes. The use of Immersible Breather Desiccators in the equipment ensures that equipment or container only receives dry air inside it.

These desiccators come with an additional cartridge for desiccants designed to absorb any moisture leftover within the equipment effectively. Immersible Breather Desiccators are necessary for a specific type of equipment vulnerable to moisture and humidity exposure. These desiccators keep the equipment dry and give safety against the effects of outside temperature and moisture changes. When the air passes through the breather desiccators, they remove moisture from the air entering the equipment or container.

  • Help in controlling moisture and humidity inside the equipment or container
  • Ideal for susceptible equipment and applications submerged in water
  • Protect equipment or instruments exposed to changes in altitude, atmospheric pressure, or temperature
  • Additional desiccant inside the cartridge ensures entry of only dry air
  • Prevent vacuum or overpressure build-up within the equipment or containers subjected to immersion in water
  • Robust and easy-to-use design
  • Give the driest possible environment in the equipment or containers
  • No maintenance required
  • Industrial
  • Used for applications where it is not possible to replace desiccant and condensation occurs occasionally
  • Prevent overpressure or vacuum buildup in equipment subjected to immersion in water
  • Safeguard equipment exposed to a potential change in temperature, altitude, or atmospheric pressure
  • Additional desiccant cartridge to ensure only dry air enter
  • Oval Flange Mounted Immersion Breather
  • M20 Thread Aluminium Immersion Proof Breather Desiccator
  • M8 Thread Immersion Proof Breather Desiccator

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