The WarmMark is a time-temperature indicator that alerts users of extreme temperature conditions. It is a single-use module with a visual warning to be set to an optimal temperature. The duration of exposure is checked with the conditions: brief, moderate, and prolonged.

Key Features


Simply fold up and pull out the indicator activation tab, then remove the adhesive liner and paste the indicator to a clean, dry surface.

Product Features

  • Delivers irreversible evidence of exposure to unacceptable temperature conditions
  • Provides cost-effective solution for last mile monitoring
  • Enables easy accept/reject decisions to be made
  • Assists in verifying the adequacy of the cold chain packaging
  • Aids in compliance with regulatory guidelines
  • Saves money and space since eld armable indicators require no special packaging or storage
  • Available in pre-armed configurations for high volume packaging environments


Selection Guide

Selection Guide

ideal for:

  • Floral
  • Chocolate
  • Food
  • Raw and cooked meats
  • Chemicals
  • Tissue samples
  • Pharmaceuticals

WarmMark Brochure