Reefer Lock


Load securement is necessary for the security of cargo while in transit — reefer lock designed to provide maximum protection to the cargo load inside the container during transportation.

With smooth and fast installation, these locks offer excellent safety to the reefer cargo. Reefer locks are L-shaped and tightly fixed within the reefer container floor’s ventilation shoots. No extra tool is necessary to fix them in place, allowing quick and easy installation.

Reefer locks are an excellent choice for heavy or large products. These locks prevent damage due to the shifting of the load inside the container and offer added security to the reefer container.

Effortlessly Secure Reefer Containers with Reefer Locks

At Humi Pak, we supply a full range of packaging solutions designed to secure cargo load and prevent damage to the products. Made from heavy-duty and the aluminium or stainless steel materials, our reefer locks comply with international standards and are water and corrosion-resistant.

Reefer locks keep cargo load secure throughout transportation until the final delivery.

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Key Features


Applied and tightly fixed into the ventilation slots on the floor of the reefer container easily without the use of any special tools.

Product Features

  • Quick and easy to install
  • Fixes cargos onto floor of reefer container